Lefkov: Tell us which politicians in the government have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus


There are no vaccines, the vaccination has been stopped, the dentists have been informed that there will be a short-term cessation of immunization because there are no more vaccines, reacted VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov.

The talk among citizens that senior officials and government officials have been vaccinated does not stop. The suspicion is where they are vaccinated, whether here or in other countries. Suspicions that vaccination is being abused, namely that government politicians have also been vaccinated, must be cleared up. There can and must not be no vaccines for health workers, and there should be no vaccinations for government politicians. In the interest of public health we urge that the information about who is vaccinated to be declassified, tell us who has been vaccinated. We, as MPs of VMRO-DPMNE, will submit a special request to the Parliamentary Committee on Health to request information from the Ministry of Health and to know exactly who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus so far. Meanwhile, the number is around a high 30 percent of those tested. The number of deaths every day is higher and higher. This is not the time to hide data. We call for the declassification of the data and the clarification of all doubts. Go out and publicly say who they are and how many people have been vaccinated, this is not something that should be speculated,” said Lefkov.

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