Mickoski: For 30 years we have been constantly giving in as a country, we must defend the red lines of identity


No more concessions, it’s enough. We have been tread upon for 30 years. For how long will we be giving in? Until when we will be told give in over this and you will get date. We have to draw the red lines. We are Macedonians with our own culture, our own customs, our own history, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with TV Alfa.

Mickoski stressed that we must not allow the bilateral issue with Bulgaria to be part of the conditions for starting negotiations with the EU, and that is clearly stated by the Department of State.

“Our strategic partner, the United States, was clear and said that no bilateral issue can be the condition for that. No one must accept that. It is necessary to define red lines and not to accept the imposed conditions for negotiations given by Bulgaria. This issue should be resolved outside the EU negotiation process,” Mickoski stressed.

He stressed that if it were up to Zaev he would give away everything and that is why ‘a revolution of the Macedonian people is needed, which will not allow him to erase us as a people and as a country’.


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