Nikolovski complains that criminals and racketeers were in front of his home


Deputy Prime Minister for Corruption and Crime and the Secretary General of the ruling party SDSM published disturbing information that people he claims to be racketeers and criminals close to the media intimidated his parents.

“Various media racketeers and criminals were in front of my house today and upset my parents in Kriva Palanka. The door of our one and only family house built in 1989 has been and will always be open to all good people and people who need support and help.

It is open to everyone. A house in which you enter right from the street. There is no gate, no fence, no walls and no camera or police. None of that. My mother or father comes out at every door bell. To help with anything. It has always been like this and it will always be,” wrote Nikolovski on Facebook.

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