Is Macedonia in danger of losing its visa free travel regime with the EU?


Aside from the internal political implications caused by the “Mafia” affair, Macedonia is in danger of losing its visa free travel regime with the European Union as a result of the major passports scandal, warned VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Miloshoski.

“The 215 fake passports issued by the Macedonian Interior Ministry include people like WaleedIssaKhamays, considered the second highest member of the Italian Ndrangheta mafia, leading logistics for the cocaine shipments from Brazil to Western Europe. This drug lord is one of the most wanted mafia leaders in Italy and the whole of Europe since 2017. And still, he was allowed to enter Macedonia in January 2019, which in itself means that our security systems are failing, and then he was given a Macedonian passport. This turns Macedonia a gray zone for protection of mafia bosses sought by Interpol,” Miloshoski said.

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