Journalist Kezharovski: A state cannot make an efficient system for fighting crime and corruption with Lile Stefanova! That’s why people don’t trust you!


“This is why people don’t trust the Court, they don’t trust the judges and the prosecutors…!?

Tell me, please, why should they trust them!?

Even those who had a little trust will give up,” wrote journalist Tomche Kezharovski on Facebook.

“Institutions are not trusted, because in the past they served as an instrument in the hands of the privileged and the rich.

With Lile Stefanova as prosecutor, and not just any kind of prosecutor, it’s good that the buildings are where they are, it is good that the prosecution exists at all…

I wrote this once, I’ll write it again: “Just as ‘Commodore 64’ does not make an advanced computer system, so does Lile Stefanova and her followers do not make an effective system for fighting crime and corruption in Macedonia.”


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