Anti-Corruption to expand investigation into Rashkovski


State Commission for Prevention of Corruption claims that it has evidence of other suspicious public procurements conducted by Dragi Rashkovski, and were related to traffic software. The documents provided by the anti-corruption officers referred to the purchase of additional devices worth 300 thousand euros.

“They are related to the object itself, cameras, stands, moving cabins. There are more public procurements so the amount of funds spent on those contracts is large. I think it was about 18 million denars,” said SCPC member Sofka Pejovska-Dojchinovska, Sitel reports.

The SCPC will send the report on the procurements conducted by Rashkovski it to the PPO. The SCPC told Sitel TV that they will study the case and will additionally decide whether it will be part of the investigation against the former Secretary General of the Government.

Meanwhile, the SCPC warns that the situation with corruption in the country is serious, as indicated by the reports of international institutions.

Employment in state institutions is considered by anti-corruption activists to be the biggest problem. The commission says that the election was mostly party affiliated.


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