Bochvarski: We will put the first section of the Shtip-Radovish expressway to use by the end of this month


The Shtip-Radovish expressway, the first section from the bridge on the river Bregalnica to the junction at the Buchim mine will be opened for traffic at the end of the month, announced Minister of transport and communications Blagoj Bochvarski at today’s press briefing in Shtip.

“This spring the first section of the Shtip-Radovish road will be put to use. At the moment, the last reports of the Supervisory bodies are being made, before the opening of the first section Shtip-Radovish, with which I want to say that the worst black spots will be avoided on this road, i.e. on the old existing road,” says Bochvarski.

He expects that the entire regional road Krupishte-Probishtip, which was thoroughly reconstructed in the past, will be launched soon. Bochvarski pointed out that new roads are being built in the eastern region, which, as he says, gives this region a new shine in the road infrastructure.

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