Zaev tells Kathimerini: Any intervention in Macedonian identity unacceptable for North Macedonia and Macedonian people


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev refers to North Macedonia’s European prospects and the Bulgarian veto, the Prespa Agreement, relations with the former and current Greek counterpart in an interview with the Sunday edition of Greek daily Kathimerini titled “Together for 21st-Century Balkans”, MIA reports from Athens.

PM Zaev says that despite the European Commission positive reports and the Bulgarian Friendship Treaty, the Sofia veto has prevented North Macedonia’s start of the EU accession negotiations.

“To determine the history of another nation in the 21st century is not consistent with the European spirit, because we should build the future together. Any intervention in the Macedonian identity is unacceptable for North Macedonia and the Macedonian people. The process has been ongoing for a while, we don’t want to stop and will not stop, but we will not jeopardize our dignity and our identity. I believe in a solution with Bulgaria, thus building a future for us and future generations,” says Zaev and adds that the past should not be forgotten while “building bridges of cooperation among all Balkan nations, because this is the only path leading to success.”

On the other hand, he notes that Greece remains “a strong mediator and supporter” of North Macedonia’s European path, an aspect on which he has been assured by his Greek colleague.

“My counterpart, Mr. Mitsotakis has assured me that Greece remains a strong mediator and supporter of our country in the coming EU negotiating process. We both expressed commitment for full and continued implementation of the bilateral tasks within the Prespa Agreement. Our meetings focus on economic cooperation that needs to continue and enhance,” says Zaev.


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