Macedonia needs to establish national red lines in Parliament


“Bulgaria’s caretaker government will not go against the Declaration of the Bulgarian Parliament which establishes many crystal clear national red lines. Let’s ask ourselves the dilemma, if we all agree, that we do not negotiate about identity, we do not negotiate about language, we do not negotiate about history, we do not negotiate about national minorities, are not even allowed under international law, but if we all agree here then our country the Republic of Macedonia should establish national red lines in the Parliament”, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Timcho Mucunski in a TV interview.

Mucunski added that this would make Macedonia’s foreign policy position easier if red lines were drawn, that there should be no negotiations on certain issues.

“Let me remind you that the Prime Minister in the middle of campaigns and in the middle of his visit to Brussels says that he will not change the constitutional name, but he did change the constitutional name. He has said that he will not negotiate on certain issues, not only does he negotiate but he also signed international agreements which were then ratified by the Parliament, precisely on such issues that he said he would not negotiate. I believe in practice, I cannot believe the words of someone who has often trampled on his words,” said Mucunski.

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