Carovska: The teaching from September will depend on the epidemiological situation


This year, the selected hybrid model of teaching gave excellent results, without delay in education, while protecting the health of students and teachers as well as collective health. It has shown that the education system can handle such shocks, said Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska during her visit to secondary vocational schools in Ohrid.

Carovska stressed that the current focus of the Ministry of Education and Science is vaccination of teachers. In addition to the first to third grade teachers, the immunization continues with the first vaccine for the remaining teachers and professors, as well as the persons responsible for conducting the graduation. According to her, a certain dynamics of vaccination of the teaching staff is envisaged, group by group, and it remains to be determined after the implementation of the graduation the way the school year from September will take place.

“My commitment to the Government is for the schools to be full of students again, I would like that to happen tomorrow. However, it is important to assess the epidemiological situation and to respect the expert opinion of the Commission for Infectious Diseases. As soon as there is an official position, it will be presented to the public,” the minister said.

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