The state will assess which plots can be converted from agricultural to construction


If the state considers that the conversion of land should not be allowed, if it is not in accordance with the laws, whoever is the minister or whoever is the government will not be allowed,” Minister of Agriculture Ariant Hoxha told TV Telma, explaining the article which provides for the conversion of purchased agricultural land with the new Law on Sale of Agricultural Land.

“The conversion of agricultural land is provided by the Law on Agricultural Land. If it ends after 10 years, the party requests to be reassigned. It cannot be repurposed on the basis of this law. You will need to submit an application based on the Law on Agricultural Land and the Law on Urbanism. Then the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Agriculture decide on conversion. This is the protection mechanism, if the Ministry of Agriculture says that it does not allow the conversion of that land, there is no chance that it will be converted,” said Minister Hoxha.

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