Kavachki clan leader Zvicer also owned a Macedonian passport?


The security services in the region, led by the Serbian BIA, located the leader of the Kavakchki clan Radoje Zvicer. He is reportedly in one of the countries in South America.

Following the arrest of Velimir Belivuk, Zvicer fled Montenegro through Albania to South America with a fake Bosnian passport.

He often changes the countries of residence and is guarded by the local drug clans with which the Kavachki clan cooperates.

What is interesting is that the daily newspaper Novosti reported that among the passports that Zvicer owns is the Macedonian one.

“According to the information we have, Zvicer has forged documents of Macedonia, Croatia and Ukraine. Regardless of the cocaine cartels, his arrest is a matter of days,:” reports Novosti.

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