PM Zaev: The problem with Bulgaria cannot be solved now


When asked about the problem with Bulgaria and the blockade at the beginning of negotiations with the EU In an interview with Serbian media outlet Kurir, Prime Minister ZoranZaev said that there is a solution for everything, but the right moment should be chosen.

“When there are elections in the Balkans, those are difficult moments, problems are difficult to solve, and there were elections in Bulgaria now. We understand each other just like with Serbia, we speak similar languages ​​and I believe we will find a reasonable solution,” Zaev added.

Greece’s former Foreign Minister GeorgiosKatrougalosalso spoke in an interview with MIA about the situation in the region and the blockade of Bulgaria for the start of Macedonia’s negotiations. Regarding the Skopje-Sofia relations and the Bulgarian veto, he expects the leaders in Bulgaria to show the courage to deal with the problems.

“Obligations for good neighborly relations are borne by the candidate countries, of course, but they are also borne by the member states of the European Union. I want to hope that the leaders in Bulgaria will show the same courage and bravery shown by the leaders of Greece and Macedonia,” said GeorgiosKatrougalos.

Regarding the non-paper, Katrugalos says that it is very dangerous, that the Balkans still remain a “powder keg” with known hotspots.


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