Radev claims there is no need for mediators between Sofia and Skopje


We don’t need mediation, no one else knows our history better than we do, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev in Rome on Thursday commented on the proposal to include European historians in the Joint Commission on Historical and Educational Issues between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

“The solution to our problems depends on us and on constructive dialogue based on historical documents and sources the joint commission will be considering,” Radev said.

Radev, who is in Rome together with President Stevo Pendarovski to pay tribute to Ss. Cyril and Methodius, said he had expressed his viewpoint several times to his Macedonian counterpart.

“The commission will deal with the history,” Radev said. “What’s most important is for us to take the necessary steps at the high political level. These steps do not pass through other European capitals and they shouldn’t be putting pressure on Bulgaria. There is only one right step – through Sofia. Only then will the problems be solved.

“We must seek a sustainable and irreversible solution,” Radev told Bulgarian reporters covering his visit to Rome.

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