Zaev: We signed with Bulgaria that the countries shared joint history


The two countries had signed that they shared joint history, but insisted that the entire Balkans shared joint history, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said in an interview with Fokus weekly

“I can only say what I think. But, I’m aware that I’m the prime minister with huge responsibility and honor and I’m aware where and what are our red lines. Neither I nor any other government or the bloc could change things that are non-negotiable. I’m talking about our identity and language. We’d found creative solutions to the name issue and now you see we have not only a friend [Greece], but also a strategic partner that is one of the biggest supporters and investors,” PM Zaev said.

Asked whether some of his statement could have given Bulgaria the opportunity to believe that history could be revised, Zaev responded: “Your conclusions are inaccurate. We’d signed we share, the two people share joint history. The entire Balkans shares joint history.”

Agreements are binding for the two signatory parties. We should pay attention to abide by our obligations. We’re more successful than any other agreement signed in modern Europe. For example, some historical commissions had taken 20 years to come to a solution. In the first couple of years, we managed to find agreement on five historical figures and three historical periods and to observe them together, said Zaev.

History, he said, should be solved bilaterally as being discussed by experts and historians, even though history is a dynamic science and everyone has the right to different interpretations and evidence about one’s authenticity.

“We expect the other side to act responsibly because it is obligated under the Agreement to continuously support and assist the Republic of North Macedonia. I’ve said clearly Bulgaria has violated Article 2 of the Agreement. They’ve been voicing dissatisfaction with how the Agreement is being implement, but we mustn’t forget that our country had held a referendum, amended the Constitution and then it was hit by the pandemic,” Zaev said.

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