The informal prime minister who deals with public contracts is Vice Zaev


VMRO-DPMNE MP and EC member Antonio Miloshoski answered media questions Friday in Ohrid, one of them was regarding the affair involving a racket worth 250,000 euros.

“We have three prime ministers in the country, one prime minister is Zaev, the other is the first deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, and the third informal prime minister who usually deals with public contracts in an informal manner is Vice Zaev. It is clear in the country what his role is,” said Miloshoski.

He added that Vice Zaev can deny as much as he wants, but the more he denies, the more it becomes clear that REK became a company that together with ESM in 2016 had a profit of 13 million euros for today to be at a loss of 16 million euros.

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