VMRO-DPMNE: Shilegov increased Skopje’s debt by 8.5 times in 4 years and did nothing, while procurements are at double prices


Shilegov increased the debt of Skopje by 8.5 times in 4 years, and did nothing, only made purchases at double prices. Petre Shilegov did not do anything for 4 years as mayor, he did not even manage to start a capital project of his own, after which future generations will be able to remember him. Shilegov will be remembered by everyone for being the only mayor in Skopje who did nothing, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

The debt has increased 8.5 times. The city is in debt, and no one knows what and how this money was spent. At the same time, Shilegov only squanders on purchases of goods and services, which he pays twice and three times more expensive. Shilegov with only one procurement, the one for the fire truck spent 900,000 euros more than the one procured by the city of Zagreb,” says the opposition party.

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