Fierce fights in Parliament,  session interrupted before it started


The chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science and Sports Zaklina Lazarevska from the ranks of SDSM adjourned the session before determining the agenda which includes two bills – amending the Law on Teachers and Professional Associates in Primary and Secondary Schools and amending and amendment to the Law on the Bureau for Development of Education, in first reading.

Opposition MPs reacted violently that they were denied the right to procedural speeches before voting on the agenda, considering it a violation of law and rules of procedure, after which Lazarevska interrupted the commission session.

Earlier, MP Vjolca Ademi from the ranks of DUI asked the discussions to be within what is on the agenda and to respect the parliamentary Rules of Procedure, asking what is wrong with discussing something that will provide economic security to teachers by transforming their fixed-term employment, to discuss their faster advancement and career development.

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