Four companies submitted offers to AEK for 5G licenses


Тhe companies Neotel, Bitstream Mobile, Makedonski Telekom and A1 Macedonia sent offers to the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEK) expressing interest in participating in the tender for granting approvals for use of radio frequencies for the fifth generation 5G mobile, to be announced by the regulatory body.

Neotel is interested in approvals: B41, B44, B45 and B46, Bitstream Mobile for approvals A1 and B1, A1 Macedonia for approvals: A2, A3, B2 and B3, and Makedonski Telekom for approvals: B2, A2 and / or A3. In addition to the letters of interest, the interested parties submitted proposals and comments regarding the public hearing

“Taking into account the results of the public hearing on the announced Intention and the expressed interest in the Approvals to be awarded, and in accordance with Article 134 paragraph (6) AEC will announce a public tender with public bidding,” announces AEK.

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