Misajlovski: The State Department report outlines the crime and corruption of the Zaev Government


The latest US State Department report confirms that ZoranZaev has dragged Macedonia to the bottom, and mired it in crime and corruption, says VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski. The report, published Saturday, notes corruption among Government officials, and selective targeting of crimes.

“ZoranZaev has captured our country, its judiciary and its institutions. This Government is operating like a mafia,”Misajlovski said.

“Our strategic partners note the abuse of the fast-track procedure in Parliament. VMRO-DPMNE has constantly fought against this practice and has spoken out against it. The report also observes that there are laws in place, but they are not being implemented, which is a problem for the businesses and the citizens,” Misajlovski added.

“The laws are not made on the basis of practice and real needs, and are often pushed through the Parliament with a fast-track procedure, the report says, adding that the laws on paper are fine, but on the other hand are not implemented, which is a problem for the citizens and for the business community”, Misajlovski pointed out and added:

“The report finds that “Macedonia has laws intended to counter bribery, abuse of official position, and conflicts-of-interest, and government officials and their close relatives are legally required to disclose their income and assets. However, enforcement of anti-corruption laws has at times been weak and selectively targeted government critics and low-level offenders.”

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