First-graders in society class will learn to respect each other from an early age, and adults will learn about diversity


The material for learning society for the first graders is designed to satisfy the interests of today’s children such as creativity, curiosity and research, assures GlikerijaIlioska, author of the textbook for the first grade in the subject society.

Ilioska, as announced by the Ministry of Education and Science, explains that the wealth of illustrations, exercises, activities, stimulates interest in children to discover new things, research and experiential learning, and thus leads to the development of higher thinking operations, not only reproductive repetition of facts and details.

According to Ilioska, the learning material introduces students to research and acquisition of knowledge about themselves, the school in which they study, the home in which they live and the environment that surrounds them.

“Through this material, first graders will learn how to respect each other and how to respect the differences between people. The will learn ow to treat nature and the environment, the elderly, but also their friends. And they will learn all that in an easy, simple way through play and solving problem situations”, says Ilioska.


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