Alliance for Albanians: Zaev to apologize to the administration, there is evidence of corrupt ministers and directors


The Alliance for Albanians called on Prime Minister ZoranZaev to immediately withdraw his accusations against the public administration and to apologize to all employees in the administration for saying that they were corrupt.

“Amnestying ministers and directors for corruption and blaming administration employees for the recent State Department assessments is just a low attempt to defocus public opinion and deal a severe blow to those already working under constant pressure and in miserable conditions. At a time when we have public evidence of corrupt ministers and directors, dismissed and convicted officials, the former director of the Health Insurance Fund, the “patient” who has even been promoted to former Secretary General of the Government, such statements by Prime Minister ZoranZaev clearly showed that not only there is crime and corruption in the Government, but also organized crime,” said the Alliance for Albanians.

The party demands that  the attacks on the public and state administration immediately stop, because according to them, they already have a lot of pressure and conditions during the election process, low salaries and difficult working conditions.


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