Zaev: We invited the neighboring EU countries to open green corridors, Greece agreed first


We have invited EU members, neighbors of the Western Balkan countries, to open green corridors, as a first step for all countries in the region. Greece is the first to call and the administration is already working on that, informed Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, answering parliamentary questions in the Parliament.

According to him, with this, Greece should encourage Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, as neighboring countries in the Western Balkans, to be able to open such green corridors in the region.

“That in the end is the European way, to open the borders, we hope one day as EU members through the Schengen criteria and their fulfillment and to welcome a literally open European continent, in which Macedonia and the Western Balkans will certainly be members of EU,” stressed Zaev.

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