New Law on redundant workers takes effect


The new Law on redundant workers due to bankruptcy came into force Wednesday. With the new legal solution, compensation from the state will be given to those who have at least 14 years of experience in companies with dominant state ownership, unlike before when the condition was 15 years. Those who meet the requirements have one month to apply to the ESA regional offices to receive a fee of 9,242 denars until retirement.

This law will materially provide the persons who have had at least 14 years of employment in the companies with dominant ownership of the state, who on the day of submitting the application are at least 52 years old (woman) and 55 years old (man), on whom the working their relationship ended as of December 31, 2020 who exercised the right to financial compensation after January 1, 1993 and those who were not employed starting December 31, 2020 until this law came into force.


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