Five people arrested under suspicion of setting fires


Gostivar police arrested a man from Dobridol Gostivar for the fire in the village of Dobridol, which is localized.

“Due to a well-founded suspicion of arson, N.B. has been arrested and after the case is fully examined and documented, an appropriate submission will follow. This is the fifth person arrested in connection with suspicions of setting fire in the last three days,” says the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry says that on Saturday one person was arrested for the fires in Prilep and Radovish, yesterday for a fire in Resen, and on 04.08.2021 an Albanian citizen was arrested for the fire over the village Pozharane, Municipality of Vrapchishte. In the meantime, police officers are acting in relation to the two suspects in the fire near Blace and in coordination with the Public Prosecutor for the fire in Staro Nagorichane.

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