Another five people arrested under suspicion of arson


During the past 24 hours, in the activities for extinguishing and preventing fires on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Interior engaged about 583 police officers, realized 202 motorcycle patrols and 172 used vehicles.

The members of all special police units are on the field around the clock: the special anti-terrorist unit “Tiger”, the Rapid Deployment Unit and the Special Support Unit, which selflessly help in extinguishing the fires.

On (07.08.2021) three persons were deprived of liberty by police officers, due to reasonable suspicion that they had caused the fire which at 05.28 was reported to have occurred over the village of Strahojadica, Skopje, during which dry grass and low-stemmed forest were destroyed.

Police officers at the scene of the fire found two vehicles and persons who tried to escape, but were caught, and in the immediate vicinity of the vehicles were found the remains of molten cables. The persons have been arrested and the case is being investigated, while the fire was localized by the police officers.

On the same day (07.08.2021) at the Gazi Baba Police Station, one person was arrested, and another only reported, in connection with the fire that occurred on Zendal Xhemail Street, in the area of ​​Gazi Baba. They have been interviewed and measures are being taken to clear up the case.

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