Government introduces new restrictions – ban on all indoor events as of August 16


The Government at a session late Saturday, held via video conference, stepped up measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. Following recommendations of the Commission for Infectious Diseases to protect citizens against the virus, the Government decided to tighten controls on COVID-19 restrictions in place, and ban all indoor events and operation of hospitality businesses as of August 16. In addition, proof of vaccination will be mandatory to attend events or access venues where more than 30 people are present outdoors as of August 15.

Until August 15, all venues that are registered to host celebrations are allowed to operate indoors only in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, at 40 percent capacity and up to 250 people, in line with protocols in place, the Governmnt said in a press release.

A ban on indoor operation of all nightclubs and bars remains in place. Only the outdoor areas (terraces) are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity and up to 1,000 people, in line with protocols in place, reads the press release.

In Addition, as of August 16, a ban will be in place on all indoor events in all venues and cafes, including venues registered to host celebrations or other type of indoor venues.

“As of August 16, 2021, proof of vaccination with at least one dose will be mandatory, including a security service to control if proof of vaccination is presented upon entry in any type of venue, including catering facilities, where more than 30 people attend any event (celebration, concert, seminar, training, conference, cultural or sporting events). Presenting and possessing proof of vaccination – with at least one dose, applies to persons over 18 years of age,” the press release adds.

The government decision instructs competent inspection authorities to tighten controls in the coming period in order to strictly implement and observe COVID-19 restrictions, measures and precautions.


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