About ten active fires throughout Macedonia


Dozens of wildfires are still active in the country, but according to the information from the Crisis Management Center (CMC) about the situation at eight o’clock this morning, the nearby villages have been secured.

In the Shtip region, the fires that were in two locations are in complete control and there is no danger of their spreading.

In the municipality of Berovo, the fire is still active on the stretch Budinarci-Mitrashinci where a pine forest is on fire.

Another active fire is in Saraj – Skopje, between the villages Raovikj, Bukovikj and Laskarci. Low-trunk, mixed woods and tall grass are on fire there on highly inaccessible terrain. There is an active fire in StaroNagorichane, Drenak village that started burning last night at 8 pm, between villages Drenak, Zheljubino and Aljince.

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