19 days before the start of the new school year, and the state till has no concept of implementation


19 days before the beginning of the school year, Education Minister Mila Carovska is still considering the “scenario” i.e. the model for conducting the teaching of possible 3 approved by the Government. One of them is for students to attend physical education, and part to attend classes online. It is the same model, the same as last year, which ended successfully with the teaching taking place according to schedule, says VesnaJanevska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.

“In the 19 days before the beginning of the school year, not a single new textbook for the first and fourth grade has been presented to the public according to the new conception for reforms in the primary education. We did not see what it would look like in the form of a printed textbook, i.e. a photocopy, nor did we see at least one prepared digital textbook. These are not digital textbooks at all. As there is no platform for support of digital textbooks, the new innovation of the Minister is that the teachers will put the digital textbooks, which are not there, on the devices of the students and will train the students and the parents for using digital textbooks, which 19 days before the start there are none in the school year,” says Janevska.


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