Macedonia prepared to accept Afghan civilians, confirms Zaev


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Sunday that Macedonia has informed the United States it’s prepared to help in saving lives of civilians from Afghanistan.

“Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian disaster and the Government has informed its strategic partners the United States that we stand ready to help in line with our capacities. We are prepared to accept civilians from Afghanistan, people who have been working on peace in the country over the past 20 years and provided local support to allied NATO forces, including our army. We are also prepared to accept activists from democratic humanitarian organizations and human rights organizations in Afghanistan,” said PM Zaev.

He adds that the state is prepared to provide accommodation in hotels and boarding houses, with the U.S. covering the costs during their stay until their permanent destination is defined.

“We are a country of solidarity, our people and society have always provided support and assistance in the same way as we received help amid disasters. We will plan the next steps together with the U.S.,” said Zaev.

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