VMRO-DPMNE: Over 40,000 citizens left without IDs due to Spasovski’s incompetence


Since SDSM is in power, the citizens have been blocked in every way possible. Due to the incompetence of the government, only the citizens suffer. And, with yesterday’s decision of the Government, only Zaev’s pet, Oliver Spasovski was saved from criminal responsibility for limited freedoms and rights of over 40,000 citizens who were not issued an ID card, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE.

The opposition party adds that “Zoran Zaev’s favorite, Oliver Spasovski” cannot escape the responsibility that for months tens of thousands of citizens can not fulfill their daily responsibilities.

“Since Macedonia is independent, it has never happened that the system does not work, but with the incompetence of Zaev’s government, that also happened. On October 17, the end of the local sheriffs, officials such as Oliver Spasovski and Zoran Zaev, will begin,” the party said.

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