Dr. Panovski: It’s risky to start the school year with in-person teaching


It’s very risky to start the school year with in-person teaching because there are many people who are still not vaccinated, says Dr. Nikola Panovski.

The microbiologist thinks that if something more serious were to happen to any of the children, then there would be chaos because the atmosphere is very sensitive. According to Panovski, combined teaching should be provided given the fact that too many students in a class can hardly keep their distance and follow the protocols.

“Perhaps it should have been possible to combine the types of lessons, both with in-person and online. Things will depend on what the strategy is, and obviously, there is no strategy. In Sweden they had a strategy – they let the children go to school to get infected. That is why they did not wear masks and still had no fatalities, which is a country of 10 million people. When the child gets sick there, he stays at home and the others continue to go to school. There will be chaos in our country, one child will get sick, so the whole class will be placed in isolation,” says Panovski.

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