Kotlar: I consider myself a highly qualified worker and that is how I will position myself in the work in the municipality of Centar


I want to stress that for me this candidacy is a challenge, I am a person who comes from this environment and I experience Center not only as the center of the capital, but also the host of all state institutions and the people who represent those institutions, said Natasha Kotlar, the candidate for mayor of the Municipality of Centar, supported by VMRO-DPMNE.

“Therefore, the position of the municipality of Centar is a challenge for all of us, but at the same time we should know that all 45 thousand inhabitants in this municipality will take care of us, and that means our responsible attitude, a special way of working, because I I consider myself to be a highly qualified worker and that is how I will position myself in my work and in relation to what are real problems, real challenges and needs in the municipality of Centar. It is also important for me that at this time we are already together, as an opposition civic bloc, it is recognized by the big party and I think that things should move in that direction, because you know the more together we are the stronger we are and that means a completely different way of behaving and living and working in the municipality of Centar,” says Kotlar.

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