Mickoski: Spinning in the same closed circle must end and great strides forward should be made


30 years is enough time to make a comprehensive analysis of what we are today, whether the tree was planted properly, and why it is now weighed down and distorted, what were the expectations, what was the vow, and where did we come, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in his address at the celebration of the country’s 30th independence anniversary in Bitola.

“The dilemma is whether we justify the promise of the fathers of this nation, who in the 90s relied on the Asnom, and the Asnom on the Ilinden and so far back in our rich history. We are not a tree without a root, and the thing is that the roots are too deep, and the memories do not leave easily. And not that mistakes have not been made in the past, but there has always been wisdom in overcoming obstacles. Our tree was planted with the blood and suffering of many generations who believed in freedom, but these 30 years it has been seriously weighed down. That is why I can say with a bitter feeling and sadness in myself that these 30 years we have disappointed the founders of the independence of the state. We as a state do not fully fulfill their vow. And behind what I am saying is the feeling that little by little, the state is being lost step by step. And things spin in the same circle. And my goal is not to hunt down the culprits for that, you all know well what happened these 30 years and who did what, but my goal is to point out that the spinning in the same closed circle must end and great strides forward should be made. Europe and the world are relentlessly running forward, setting records, creating and living according to values,” said opposition leader Mickoski.

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