AA asks key questions to the municipality and the hospital: Why was there no fire alarm, protective equipment and who installed the electricity network?


The modular hospitals in the country were built with funds from the World Bank loan, and according to the tender documentation, published by the Alliance for Albanians, it is clear that the Tetovo Hospital and the Municipality of Tetovo are responsible for fire protection.

After the municipality of Tetovo rushed to remove the responsibility from itself, we first publicly ask the mayor of Tetovo:

-Did you carry out a fire protection inspection as required by the procedure? If not, why not?

We also publicly ask the municipality, the hospital and all other relevant institutions:

– Why was there no fire alarm in the modular hospital?

– Why was there no fire protection equipment in the modular hospital?

We know that the main contractor was the Brako company of your longtime partner Koco Angjusev. Were there subcontractors and who are they?

In particular, we ask, who installed the electricity network?

– Was the facility supervised and technically accepted? Who did the oversight?


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