Poll: VMRO-DMPNE in a convincing lead before SDMS – citizens havemost trust in Mickoski


VMRO-DPMNE and its leader HristijanMickoski have a convincing lead over the ruling SDSM and Prime Minister ZoranZaev ahead of the October 17 local elections, according to opinion polls conducted by the Organization for Civic Activism and Independence published in Monday.

The analysis covers several parts that will be published in the coming period. The statistical error is plus-minus 2%. The results of the survey are used for the needs and analysis of the institute itself.

Prime Minister ZoranZaevhas the confidence of 13.4 per cent of respondents in the poll, while opposition leader HristijanMickoski is well ahead with 15.9 per cent. Among the politicians from the Macedonian spectrum, Levica’s leaderDimitarApasiev, also show up in the poll with support of 4.7 percent.

Among politicians fighting for the trust of Albanian voters in Macedonia, the leader of the ruling DUI has 6.4 percent confidence, followed by 5.9 percent ZijadinSela of the Alliance for Albanians.

If the elections were to be held tomorrow, 19.9 percent of the respondents stated that they will vote for VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, while SDSM is significantly behind with 15.7 percent.

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