Dimitrievski tells Zaev: You’re humiliating all of us, you trample on the bones of our ancestors!


Is there an end to this self-humiliation? Zoran, my friend, you speak from the position of Prime Minister on behalf of all of us, you humiliate us all, you trample on our history and the bones of our ancestors, wrote Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski.

“Macedonians and allied Balkan nations were and still are anti-fascists. On October 11, we will have to lay flowers at the memorial ossuary in Kumanovo and Prilep together to the victims of fascism, me as mayor and you as the current Prime Minister. Now silence is more than shameful!, Dimitrievski adds.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev believes that fascism should not be given an ethnic background, so the word “Bulgarian” will be removed from the monuments and schools and only “fascist occupier” will remain.

According to Zaev, in Macedonia during World War II there were people who were collaborators of the fascists and therefore today’s nations should not be associated with fascism.

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