Macedonians notarize statements that they are Macedonians before obtaining Bulgarian passports


Bulgaria is doing more harm to itself by putting pressure on Macedonia, because the more negative it is towards the Macedonians, the more the Macedonians strengthen their identity in relation to the Bulgarian hidden agenda.

Historian Gjorgji Chakarjanevski in an interview with points out that according to the arbitrary estimates of Bulgaria, there can be 120,000 Bulgarians on the census in our country, i.e. the Bulgarian authorities count as “their” Macedonians who obtained Bulgarian passports. He says that as a historian-interviewer in the past and now he collects statements from Macedonians and that the public should know that our citizens who take Bulgarian passports, before being issued a Bulgarian passport in Bulgaria, go to a notary in Macedonia and there certify a statement that reads:

“I ……. with Macedonian father ….. and Macedonian mother …..,  am Macedonian by nationality. I am making this statement because soon I want to get a Bulgarian passport that I need for personal needs, because as a driver I have to drive a truck through the EU. Because I am Macedonian, I want to testify before the present and future generations, my heirs, that I am Macedonian by nationality and that I get my Bulgarian passport only for personal needs.”

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