New provocation from Bulgaria: The Macedonian Orthodox Church is called a “non-existent church”


Bulgaria’s provocations towards Macedonia and the Macedonian people do not stop. Now it is an article in the Bulgarian “Trud” newspaper entitled “In defense of the Bulgarian Church in Macedonia”, by Spas Tasev – a member of the history institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The author says that the communist ideology shows intolerance towards religion, because in the ideological commitment in the totalitarian society there can be no divisions. According to him, the only allowed concession is the establishment of religious institutions under the control of the state and that this is exactly what happened in March 1945. Spas Tasev writes that a previously non-existent church is being created on the territory of today’s Macedonia to help achieve the stated goals, i.e. he called the Macedonian Orthodox Church non-existent.

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