Spasovski: On October 17 our homeland will pass the test for democratic maturity


Elections are always a test for the maturity of a country’s democracy. The 2021 local elections, which are at our doorstep, are no exception, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said ahead of election silence which begins at midnight.

It is our common task, he adds, not just to successfully pass that exam but place our country on a new, higher level, which in fact is expected to be a basic goal of all political entities.

Spasovski stressed that peaceful and democratic elections secure the future of the country, calling on everyone to elect the representatives of the local government in a way that befits a NATO member country, which is also on its path to European Union accession.

“I’m deeply convinced that on October 17 our homeland will pass the test for democratic maturity. The political awareness of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia for the responsibility they have to the future of their country is at a high level. The integrity of the election process depends on full compliance with the basic democratic principles, according to which the citizens can freely express their will through the ballots, in a peaceful atmosphere, without any form of coercion, while observing COVID-19 precautions,” says Spasovski.

Spasovski stressed that the Ministry of Interior is fully prepared to respond to the challenges of conducting safe elections.

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