MAJ: Prosecution to initiate proceedings against the attackers of media crews


The Macedonian Association of Journalists – MAJ is not surprised by the attitude of the members of a political party who for several days, and especially yesterday, massively violated the election silence, bribed voters and used violence against journalists reporting on the local elections.

MAJ calls on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to protect journalists ‘teams after publicly released videos and information on election bribery, violation of election silence and violence by members of a political party against journalists’ teams.

We urge the Public Prosecutor’s Office to initiate an appropriate procedure against the perpetrators of the journalistic teams, members of a political party, who are violators of the election silence and who distributed bribes as soon as possible.

We inform the OSCE observers, as well as the diplomatic missions in the country, that the journalists on the ground noticed and publicly published reports of violation of the pre-election silence, bribery of voters by members of one political party, for which they were physically attacked, broken equipment, received threats, insults and all under the auspices of a political party and the police.

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