It’s time for Bulgaria to show will for solution, says Sekerinska after meeting with EU officials


North Macedonia’s Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska used the visit to Brussels to meet with EU officials, emphasizing that for North Macedonia it is time for Bulgaria to show will for a solution.

The Defense Minister told MIA that it is clear to all interlocutors in the EU that N. Macedonia has met all criteria and conditions. According to Shekerinska, mobilization by the Union to close the bilateral issue with Bulgaria, which hinders the process of integration of Northern Macedonia into the EU, is visible.

“There is not only awareness, but there is some mobilization by the EU that the issue has been kept open for too long. However, you know how, so many times we have complained, so many times it was not enough that I do not want to guess. And I do not want to give estimates. But what is clear is that the arguments, the reforms, our positions definitely put a plus on our side. And that is clearly read from all the statements of all European officials. What I repeated at the meeting is that this cannot and must not be a process that will drag on indefinitely,” said Sekerinska.

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