Zaev brought the country to the brink of energy collapse, it’s uncertain how the country will get its electricity supply  


Zaev brought the country before an energy collapse, it is uncertain how the country will get its electricity supply, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Zaev first emptied the lakes which are now difficult to fill and there is not enough water for larger production. Then he ruined REK, so that they could make tenders, they stuck the only coal digger in the water, coal is almost not mined, there are days when it will be gone. The government has not made a strategy in the field of energy. Capacities are at a minimum and cannot meet the needs of the state in the winter, says the opposition party.

The party adds that the lack of energy is already covered several times with literal theft from the European system, which as a country according to the director of MEPSO will cost us about 15 million euros a month. 15 million euros is money that is half of the profit of MEPSO for one year, and it is spent for one month. With this pace, Zaev endangers the work of MEPSO.

“The Government has no plan how to proceed. Zaev puts the country in a serious crisis. Zaev does not have the capacity to resolve the crisis. Zaev and SDSM should step down”, says VMRO-DPMNE.

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