Zaev is very disappointed and it’ll be difficult to convince him to reconsider his resignation, says Zekiri


SDSM Vice PresidentMuhamedZekirisays that despite the efforts of the coalition partners, it will be very difficult to convince ZoranZaev to reconsider his resignation as Prime Minister.

“It will be difficult to convince him, because he is disappointed with the outcome of the elections, but also with the several-year process of efforts to open negotiations with the EU. Macedonia meets all the conditions, went through with the name change, but then Bulgaria became an obstacle and what the EU did in no way reflected all those brave decisions made by Zaev in foreign policy. All this has had and still has an impact on his personality and it will be difficult to convince him, even though the demands are persistent, both in the party and from the coalition partners,” Zekiri said.

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