Zaev to prepare himself for a smooth transition of power


We advise Zoran Zaev to prepare for a smooth transition of power, and the new Government will offer solutions to the problems created by him, Health Minister Venko Filipche and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski.

“Yesterday, Zoran Zaev with his statement that he will not resign and that he is postponing it indefinitely, i.e. he wanted to resign, but the central board of SDSM did not allow him to, once again proved that he is the biggest liar in Macedonian politics, the biggest manipulator in the Balkans and the biggest abolitionist politician who tries to grab another two, three or three days of power to cover up some of his abuses. But, the time of Zoran Zaev has passed and we are not interested in what will happen in SDSM, it is their problem. But Zaev will see tomorrow what will happen in the Parliament when the Government of Zaev will be overthrown by a vote of no confidence,” Miloshoski said.

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