Stoilkovski: Two months of shameful investigation of Tetovo hospital fire to spare Zaev and Filipche from accountability


For two months, there has been nothing in particular about the investigation into who is responsible for the fact that a hospital full of patients was reduced to ashes in three minutes. Within minutes, a hospital with 14 victims were killed, most of them patients. The investigation after two months says – it did not find anything in particular, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski at a press briefing.

What was supposed to be a broader investigation, into the contracts to build 19 such hospitals by Angjusev, and the type of materials that were used in their construction, was reduced to a comment by Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska that she “found nothing in particular”.

“There is nothing in particular to be shared with the families of those killed in the fire. There is nothing in particular about the wiring, the use of oxygen canisters in an improvised building, about the role of ministers Venko Filipche, Jagoda Sahpaska, deputy minister Ilir Hasani, the contractor Angjusev. The worst tragedy in our modern history and in two months the prosecutors have nothing in particular to tell us”, Stoilkovski said.

“This is more than shameful, this is the biggest tragedy of the most tragic night in modern Macedonian history!They blamed an extension cord, there was nothing more specific in the investigation. They blamed an extension cord so that Venko Filipche and Zoran Zaev are spared from accountability,” Stoilkovski concluded.


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