ESM procures first 90,000 tons of coal for REK Bitola


A contract for the procurement of 90 thousand tons of coal from Albania will be signed in accordance with the call to procure coal for REK Bitola, and another public call will be announced for the remaining amounts that will be open throughout the whole heating season, according to AD Power Plants ESM.

“Out of the nine companies and their 14 offers from various mines in this country and the region, some offers didn’t work technically because of the coal, whereas others were lacking in the economic-financial evaluation – i.e., they hadn’t delivered the full paperwork before the deadline was up. That’s why we are announcing another open call for the entire heating season and we expect for the remaining 810 thousand tons of coal to be delivered to REK Bitola and 170 thousand tons for Oslomej power plant,” ESM said.

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