Government does not intend to take responsibility for the “Besa Trans” bus accident


The days of the bus accident in which 45 Macedonian citizens were killed are passing by, and the government has no answers, and it does not even think about taking responsibility, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Marija Miteva at Saturday’s press conference.

“The institutions under the leadership of the government, if they knew, enabled, if they did not know, did not prevent the specific bus to cross the border 135 times without a license for international transport. In addition to the contradictions identified so far, new dilemmas are emerging in the public. Director Rufat Huseini has been fulfilling the legal provisions for retirement since March this year, so is his extension in order to enable illegal transport of companies? The public deserves to receive the answer to the question whether and how many times so far the Ministry of Interior has reported through official notes to the Inspectorate for the deficiencies of Besa Trans buses, and the inspectorate did not take any action or make an extraordinary inspection of Besa Trans. If the Ministry of Interior has submitted only one note, why did it not publish it in front of the public, so the Inspectorate will be obliged to answer why it acted contrary to the received notes. Is the SDSM/DUI coalition more important than the lives of the citizens?” stressed Miteva.

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