Due to government’s poor policies, Macedonia is at the bottom in the region with the lowest number of foreign investments


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist question regarding the level of foreign investments, said that Macedonia was in a catastrophic situation in the region and stressed that the solution to get out of this situation are early parliamentary elections, new government and people that have a clear plan and methodology how to work.

“Macedonia is at the bottom in the region, the first half of the year we have the lowest number of foreign investments even Kosovo has more, 10 percent of Macedonia which is still in the situation it is in, Albania also has more than 250 – 260 million euros from us, Serbia is a record holder with one billion and seven hundred catastrophic situation and that is only due to the high level of corruption and crime, because only a few years ago we were leaders in the region, i.e. everyone came here to learn and write how to attract direct foreign investment. “So this corrupt and criminal government of SDSM and DUI not only does not know how to work but also with their way of working restricts domestic investors not only foreign ones, that is why today we are in such a situation as we are,” said Mickoski.

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