Taravari: Without Levica we had 61 MPs, the plan was for the Government to fall and for us to agree on portfolios


The director positions in Skopje should now belong to the Alliance for Albanians, given that Alternative has already entered the Government, said Mayor of Gostivar and Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari said Monday evening told “Click Plus” On 21TV, and described how the talks on collecting signatures for the overthrow of the government went.

“That day, on Thursday, we had 61 MPs without Levica. I guarantee you this. There were two other MPs, whom I cannot name. The day before, Kastriot Rexhepi told me: “As soon as this government falls.” We all saw what happened on Thursday. They did not allow a debate, so after the vote. If they had allowed a vote, the government would have fallen even without Kastriot,” said Arben Taravari.

“Alternativa is now part of the central government. They will manage serious departments and director positions. As for the director positions at the local level in Skopje, I think and think that they should belong to the Alliance for Albanians. But let’s wait a little bit longer. I hope we will have negotiations in the coming days and we will decide what to do next,” Taravari said.

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